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Services Provided by HMA

Haddon-McClellan Associates has a broad network of service providers throughout the United States. Our team of highly skilled field service personnel can support any jobsite requirements during the project from start to finish. We also provide ongoing preventative maintenance for installed equipment.

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    Equipment Field Services

      • Startup and commissioning
      • Acceptance testing
      • Service contracts
      • Facility integration support
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    Maintenance and Support Services

      • Project management
      • Preventative and predictive maintenance
      • Replacement switchgear doors with metering and relay upgrades
      • 24/7/365 emergency response
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    Electrical Safety Training

      • General and customized training
      • Experienced instructors who are active in IEEE and other industry professional groups
      • Earn CEUs
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    Electrical Systems Studies

      • Short-circuit and coordination protective device evaluation studies
      • Harmonic studies
      • Load flow analysis
      • Switching transient analysis

HMA services Georgia, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle

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